Ozone Boy USA Water Purification Sale!

Ozone Boy USA Water Purification Sale!
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  • OzoneBoy is a small powerful ozone generator that attaches to the kitchen or other faucet.
  • Includes faucet adapters kit that FIT USA faucets as well as international styles.
  • It has its own hydro-electric generator built-in, so that when the water is turned on, ozone can be produced.
  • Push the power button on or off to select whether or not ozone will be produced as the water flows through it.
  • If the faucet or tap has very low pressure, an optional external power adapter (120v optional) can be used.
  • For best results fill a pitcher or container with the ozonated water and allow to set for 20 minutes to allow sufficient time for the water to be disinfected.
  • Produces 0.7 grams per hour and can create an ozone residual of 0.15 to 0.3 ppm in water.

One year warranty.

Manufacturer: O-3 Technologies

Manufacturer #: XH-Y007