Pro-Ox 9510 Commercial Iron Filter 5.0 CF

Pro-Ox 9510 Commercial Iron Filter 5.0 CF
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Heavy Duty Commercial Pro-OX Iron Filtere. Eliminate Iron, Manganese in Water. 100% Guaranteed.

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Extremely Easy Solo Installation"

Ren Worlock: Branford, FL

The Smell Has Immediately Disappeared, and the Hardness Seems Significantly Reduced, Thanks!"

Josh Hinson: Efland, NC

Now The Water Is The Cleanest I Have Ever Had!"

John Bird: Bonham, TX

Thanks For Helping Me Get What I Needed To Remove My Iron Problem"

Gordon Hals: Missoula, MT

We are very happy with the system and the water it provides. Very easy install."

Hugh Hanscom: Panama City, FL


  • Full 1.5" on inlet, outlet and distributor.
  • Pro-OX Filters are the longest lasting and most powerful system for removing iron, rust and sediment from well water.
  • Contains a unique blend of high-purity manganese dioxide (Pro-OX) and naturally mined Zeolite for filtration down to 3 microns for maximum filtration and iron removal.
  • Pro-OX Filters include: pipe connectors; filter gravel, Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide NSF Certified filter media; Zeolite Turbidity Filter media, filter gravel, filter tank; heavy-duty automatic backwash control valve.
  • System automatically backwashes based on days of the week or by built-in flow sensor. Rugged NSF certified Canature 95 control valve. Waterproof NEMA 6.
  • Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide is an NSF Certified natural high purity mineral that is used for removing iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese from water supplies. Removes up to 30 PPM iron and 15 PPM manganese. Higher levels possible with injecting air, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide ahead of filter. Iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide and tannins can also be removed, contact us for more details.
  • Pro-OX media utilizes an oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process similar to Greensand, but at a much higher level of performance. It works much better than other solid manganese dioxide iron-filter media due to its higher purity and porosity.
  • Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide contains greater than 80% manganese dioxide in an extremely unique cluster format for enhanced performance and maximized capacity.
  • Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide generally works better than Greensand or Birm, due to its high purity, superior oxidation/filtration ability. Unlike coated iron filter media such as Greensand or Birm or MTM, Pro-OX lasts for many years and doesn't have a coating to wear off or deteriorate like other iron filter media.
  • Note that in some waters aeration, hydrogen peroxide injection or chlorination is used before the iron filter to increase removal rates of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.
  • Filter tank is NSF certified one piece seamless polyester construction for long life.
Model Number of Bathrooms in Home Peak Flow Rate* Backwash Flow Rate Pipe Size Dimensions
2.0 CF 2-4 14 GPM 12 GPM 1.5" 12" x 67"
2.5 CF 2-6 16 GPM 14 GPM 1.5" 13" x 68"
3.0 CF 3-6 18 GPM 16 GPM 1.5" 14" x 80"
4.0 CF
20 GPM 21 GPM 1.5" 16" x 80"
5.0 CF
24 GPM 30 GPM 1.5" 18" x 82"

Flow Rate: Refers to maximum recommended Gallons Per Minute ("GPM") which means how fast the water is flowing. The 1.5 CF model works best for most homes (such as 2 -3 bathroom homes with 2 - 6 persons). However for homes with 2 - 4 persons, the 0.75 or 1.0 CF models work great.

Commercial Use: If you are filling a storage tank or running the filter for hours at a time or for commercial use (landscaping, community systems etc), we recommend divide flow rate by 30% to 50%.

Have Questions? Call 888-600-5426 and speak to one of our certified water treatment technicians for technical help or if you have questions about sizing or flow rates.

Removal Rate: Removes up to 10 PPM iron, 5 PPM manganese, 10 PPM hydrogen sulfide (optional chlorine or peroxide feed can be used to enhance removal rates).

Iron levels over 5 PPM, or when manganese or other conditions such low pH, high levels of sulfur odor or iron bacteria or tannins, please note that additional treatment such as chlorine, peroxide, or aeration may be needed. 

Manganese removal: when manganese is present, we recommend a chlorine feed. A chlorine feed with a contact/retention tank allowing 30 seconds of time after the chlorine has been injected, followed by the Pro-OX filter systems does a GREAT job on removing manganese. A carbon filter can be used after the Pro-OX system to remove any residual chlorine. 

Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg: if hydrogen sulfide is present and the water also contains iron, we recommend an Air-Charger Pro-OX system. If the hydrogen sulfide levels are over 5 PPM, we recommend a chlorine feed, and/or aeration prior to the Pro-OX system. Please contact us for more information if you need assistance. 

"CF" refers to the amount of filter media blend in cubic feet. A 2.0 CF has 2.0 cubic feet of filter blend media (Pro-OX, Zeolite and filter gravel).



Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: FE013140

Pro-OX Data Sheet

95 Control Spec Sheet