Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900-S 1.0 CF

Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900-S 1.0 CF
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Pro-OX 5900-S Iron Filters ON SALE!

Introducing the Pro-OX Filter: The Ultimate Solution for Iron-Free Well Water with Superior Filtration and Unmatched Efficiency

Unmatched Filtration with Pro-OX Iron Filters

Experience the unparalleled power of the Pro-OX Filters, a beacon of longevity and efficiency in removing iron, rust, and sediment from well water. At its core, the Pro-OX Filter boasts a distinctive blend of high-purity manganese dioxide (Pro-OX) combined with naturally mined Zeolite. This potent combination ensures filtration down to an impressive 3 microns, guaranteeing optimal iron removal.

Comprehensive Components for Complete Care

Every Pro-OX Filter is meticulously equipped with essential components such as pipe connectors, a by-pass valve, filter gravel, and an NSF Certified Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide filter media. Additionally, the inclusion of Zeolite Turbidity Filter media, filter gravel, and a robust filter tank ensures you're getting a comprehensive solution. The system's prowess is further amplified with a heavy-duty automatic backwash control valve.

Intelligent Backwashing for Efficient Performance

One of the standout features of the Pro-OX Filter is its intelligent automatic backwash system. Depending on your preference, it can operate based on a set schedule or utilize the optional Backwash On-Demand Flow Sensor. The reliable 5900e control valve not only simplifies programming but also optionally tracks water usage, ensuring timely backwashes either based on gallons used or specific days of the week.

Eco-Friendly and Septic Safe

When it comes to efficiency, the Pro-OX Filter is in a league of its own. It utilizes between 50 to 100 gallons of backwash water, up to three times a week, based on water consumption. Remarkably, this is 50% less than many other iron filters on the market, making it a septic tank-friendly choice.

The Power of Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide

The Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide, an NSF Certified high-purity mineral, is the hero behind the filter's exceptional performance. It's adept at removing iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese from water supplies, boasting removal rates of up to 30 PPM for iron and 15 PPM for manganese. For those dealing with iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, and tannins, our filter offers a solution, but do reach out to us for more intricate details.

Superior Performance and Longevity

What sets the Pro-OX media apart is its oxidation-reduction reaction and filtration process. While it mirrors the functionality of Greensand, its performance is significantly superior. Furthermore, the Pro-OX Manganese Dioxide, with its unique cluster format, contains over 80% manganese dioxide, ensuring enhanced performance and maximized capacity. Unlike other iron filter media that wear out over time, Pro-OX stands the test of time, outperforming alternatives like Greensand or Birm.

Additional Considerations and Durability

For certain water types, it's worth noting that aeration, hydrogen peroxide injection, or chlorination might be employed before the iron filter to boost removal rates. The filter tank, crafted from a one-piece seamless polyester, is NSF certified, promising longevity. While the system is designed to handle a maximum pressure of 100 psi and a water temperature of up to 100F, its rugged automatic backwash control valve optimizes water usage through fully adjustable cycles. The time-tested, hydraulically balanced piston seal and spacers ensure years of seamless service, all housed in a non-corrosive high-tech material construction.

Sizing Guide

Model Number of Bathrooms in Home Flow Rate Backwash Flow Rate Dimensions
0.75 CF 1 - 2 8 GPM 5 GPM Diameter: 8" Height: 51.5"
1.0 CF 1 - 2 10 GPM 7 GPM Diameter: 9" Height: 55.5"
1.5 CF 1 - 2 12 GPM 10 GPM Diameter: 10" Height: 61.5"
2.0 CF 2 - 3 14 GPM 12 GPM Diameter: 12" Height: 59.5"
1.0 CF (Short) 1 - 2 10 GPM 8 GPM Diameter: 13" Height: 38"

Flow Rate: Refers to maximum recommended Gallons Per Minute ("GPM") which means how fast the water is flowing. The 1.5 CF model works best for most homes (such as 2 -3 bathroom homes with 2 - 6 persons). However for homes with 2 - 4 persons, the 0.75 or 1.0 CF models work great. Higher flow rates are possible through these systems, this is just meant as a guide or suggested use.

"CF" refers to the amount of filter media blend in cubic feet. A 1.5 CF has 1.5 cubic feet of Pro-OX iron filter media (Pro-OX, Zeolite and filter gravel).

Have Questions? Call 888-600-5426 and speak to one of our certified water treatment technicians for technical help or if you have questions about sizing or flow rates.

Removal Rate: Removes up to 5 PPM iron, .5 PPM manganese, much higher removal rates possible with pre-chlorination or pre-aeration.

Iron levels over 5 PPM, or when manganese or other conditions such low pH, high levels of sulfur odor or iron bacteria or tannins, please note that additional treatment such as chlorine, peroxide, or aeration may be needed.
Manganese removal: when manganese is present, we recommend a chlorine feed. A chlorine feed with a contact/retention tank allowing 30 seconds of time after the chlorine has been injected, followed by the Pro-OX filter systems does a GREAT job on removing manganese. A carbon filter can be used after the Pro-OX system to remove any residual chlorine, so you get all the benefits of chlorination without having any chlorine in the house water.

Hydrogen Sulfide Rotten Egg: if hydrogen sulfide is present and the water also contains iron, we recommend an Air-Charger Pro-OX system. If the hydrogen sulfide levels are over 5 PPM, we recommend a chlorine feed, and/or aeration prior to the Pro-OX system. Please contact us for more information if you need assistance.

  • 10 year Warranty on the filter tanks. All tanks are Certified & top quality.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the control valve. Made in the U.S.A.
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee less shipping
  • See our Return Policy Here

More Info:

  • Try it, and if you are not 100% satisfied, return for your money back, less shipping costs.
  • Easy to Install. Complete Instructions included.
  • Install yourself or hire a handyman.
  • Anyone familiar with basic plumbing can easily install system.
  • User friendly LCD display and simplified controls.
  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled 5900-BT Electronic Control Valve for advanced water usage & flow monitoring
  • Optional Legacy View App available for Android or Iphones, makes it easy to monitor from your smart phone if desired.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Filter Tank
  • 7 Year Warranty on Control Valve
  • We are here to help. Any questions? Email us at [email protected] or call us.

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: FE011810