AD40: 120V 60Hz with 0-20 SCFH gauge

AD40: 120V 60Hz with 0-20 SCFH gauge

Code: A1000420

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The AD40 is an automatic, heat regenerative desiccant air dryer. Designed to accompany the CD10, CD12, M-1500, CD1500. P2000, and the Apex V ozone systems. It is used in environments up to 75% relative humidity.

Dimensions: 25.0" h x 12.5" w x 4.25" d, 10 lbs. Electrical: 1.0 amps @ 120V/60 Hz, 0.6 amps @ 220V/50 Hz, 0.5 amps @ 240V/60

Associated Reading

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  • Air Prep Specifications


  • Commercial swimming pools
  • Process fluids
  • Aquatic life support
  • Bottling plants
  • Food processing
  • Beverage processing
  • Small community potable water systems

Manufacturer: ClearWater Tech, Inc.

Manufacturer #: AD22