CWS 4.5" x 10" Refillable Softener Cartridge

CWS 4.5" x 10" Refillable Softener Cartridge
Code: MS013900

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  • These cartridges are not practical for treating a home, they are typically used for point of use, such as for a coffee service, labs, or point of use reverse osmosis.
  • They can be regenerated by manually introducing a brine solution to them. For example, in a 2 stage filter, remove the 1st stage. Dissolve 8 oz table salt in warm water, cool to room temp and add to first stage. Turn back on water and allow salty water to flow to 2nd stage (softener resin cartridge). Rinse thoroughly to flush out salty brine.
  • Water Softener Whole House Filter with Refillable Cartridge.
  • 1 inch inlet 10 gallon per minute (gpm) recommended flow rate 10 gpm peak flow rate.
  • The filter housing is made from NSF listed pure polypropylene and will hold one10inch filter cartridge.
  • This system comes complete with a bracket kit.
  • The maximum recommended temperature is 100F and the maximum recommended pressure is 125 psi.
  • The filter cartridge used is a refillable resin cartridge
  • Includes one 4.5 x 10 Refillable Canister
  • Pre-Filled with Resin, can be replaced when needed or re-charged with a brine solution

Filter Capacity Guide

Cartridge Size Capacity(Grains)
2.5" x 10" 700 Grains
4.5" x 10" 2,000 Grains
4.5" x 20" 4,500 Grains

90 Day Return Guarateed. Return if not satisfied.

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: MS013900