5900BT-AIR Backwash Valve

5900BT-AIR Backwash Valve
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  • The advanced 5900BT-AIR Backwash Control Valve fits filter tanks up to 12" in diameter and automatically backwashes based on gallons used and/or days of the week.
  • The 5900BT-AIR model maintains an air pocket at the top of the tank while the filter is in service.
  • The unique design of the control valve allows the air pocket to be replenished each night without having the filter go through a complete backwash.
  • Low pressure drop and rugged design provides years of trouble-free service.
  • Based on the popular Fleck 5000 control valve.
  • It lasts longer and works better than the Fleck 5000 valves in our experience.


      • 1" pipe connectors
      • 120v powersupply
      • Bypass valve!

        • FLOW RATE:

          • Maximum backwash rate is 17 gallons per minute

      trade in's

      • If you already have purchased a 5900-BT-AIR valve from us in the past and want to trade it in, choose the drop down option
      • We will send a call tag with your new valve so you can easily send it back to us.
      • If you wish to keep your old valve for parts, simply remove the piston and seals and send us a picture of the disassembled valve.
      • Note your new valve does not include bypass, but does include new valve with power supply

Manufacturer: Chandler

Manufacturer #: 20004C000-S3