Arsenic Cartridges & Media

Arsenic Reduction Adsorption Media

These aresenic adsorption systems are effective at removing up to 99% of total Arsenic in water, including As (III) & As (V), without any water wasted. They can also be used for reducing the levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, molybdenum, and antimony in water sources. The spent media is non-hazardous and can be discarded in normal household waste.

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E33 Arsenic Filter Cartridge 2.5 x 9.75 Code: F1003990 Your Price: $126.00 Quantity in Basket: none Weight: 2 lbs.
E33 Arsenic Filter Cartridge 4.5 x 10 Code: F1005320 Your Price: $246.00 Quantity in Basket: none Weight: 4 lbs.
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