7500-M Filter Valve

7500-M Filter Valve
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  • High-tech Ceramic Disc Valve: the moving parts of the 7500-M series control valve feature super hard ceramic and graphite meshing surfaces for exacting tolerances, eliminating the need for O-rings or gaskets.
  • 1" NPT female pipe thread In - Out - Drain
  • Easily programmable, multiple sequence set-up features, regeneration modes and interlocking capabilities.
  • Backwashes based on time (days of the week). Fully automatic and adjustable.
  • No hard-water-bypass. During regeneration water will not flow through to piping system.
  • Manual backwash knob, makes it easy to manually advance control valve for backwash and rinse if ever desired.
  • More efficient backwashes that use less water and require backwashing less frequently
  • Ceramic disc backwash control valve lasts years longer than standard piston type control valves and backwash over 150,000 cycles.
  • Corrosion Proof: Resistant to sand, caustics, and acids.
  • Automatic program recall after power outage and maximum day regeneration functions
  • Resists Abrasion: Patented ceramic discs are corrosion and abrasion resistant for superior durability and longevity.
  • Exceptional High Flow Rate with noticeable noise reduction during regeneration.
  • Noryl PPO body construction
  • Voltage 110v-230V Power Adapter. Control valve 12VDC. Uses less than 20 watts of power.
  • 5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty
100% Money Back Guarantee:  if not satisifed return within 90 days for refund

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: V1002830