Basic Corrosion Test Kit for Well Water

Basic Corrosion Test Kit for Well Water

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This kit includes: I.T.S. Complete Home Water Quality Test Kit 25 Total Tests! Contains 1 Bacteria Test and 2 each of the following types of test strips: Nitrate; Ammonia; Total Hardness; Total Alkalinity; Total Chlorine; Free Chlorine; Chloride; Copper; Sulfate; Iron; pH and Manganese. Manganese test is presence or absence only and not a ppm test strip. Copper Test Strips - one bottle of 25 copper test strips. Just dip and read the results immediately to determine copper levels.

If copper is present this could mean you have copper pipe corrosion; Total Dissolved Solids Tester - high total dissolved solids can cause corrosion to copper pipe. Find out the TDS of your water accurately and quickly with this portable meter you can use repeatedly as needed; The Corrosion Guide for Well Water Sources - this report gives you detailed and valuable information on what may cause corrosion and what you can do to isolate the problem.

Details included steps you can take to stop the corrosion of your pipes and fixtures; Customized Recommendation Report - After you test your water just email us the results and our professional certified water specialists will provide you with a customized report and make recommendations. We will work with you to try to find out what can be done to stop the corrosion and if any water treatment solutions may exist for your application; $100 Coupon - Receive $100 on any of our water treatment systems over $500; Shipping is FREE to your location!

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