Pro Easy Feeder 1 oz.

Pro Easy Feeder 1 oz.

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Automatic Resin Cleaning Feeder for Water Softeners

The Pro Easy Feeder™ automatically dispenses the right amount of Pro Res Care® Cleaning Solution to maintain water softener efficiency. The Pro Easy Feeder™ is non-electric and easy to install and use. It restores softener resin and control valve parts to peak efficiency and helps maintain equipment life. Res Care® Solution is a specially formulated liquid cleaner that cleanses the resin bed of iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds that cause softener inefficiencies.

Automatic Feeder System

NOTE: Must use 64 oz. Res Care® Bottle!

Install the Pro Easy Feeder™ with a 64 oz. Res Care® bottle according to the instructions on the package. Automatic feeding will begin in a few hours. The Easy Feeder will feed solution continuously.


  • Easy to use, non-electric, feeder system
  • Feeds 1 or 1/2 oz. per day of solution continuously
  • Prevents iron and mineral build-up on internal parts of the softener
  • Maintains maximum performance of the unit
  • Helps extend life of the unit
  • Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc., Water Treatment Equipment,Service & Supplies, Santa Cruz, CA