Coliform Bacteria EZ Test - 1 Test With Warming Pad

Coliform Bacteria EZ Test - 1 Test With Warming Pad
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The EZ Coliform Cult is an easy, fast, and effective presence/absence test for total coliform and E.coli in water.  

Now included for free: 

Warming Pad for incubation!  Just remove plastic wrap from warmng pad and pad starts to heat instantly. 

Non-toxic and safe to use.

Order Optional Hand-Held UV Light for E.Coli Testing

Includes 1 bottle for one test, plus one warming pad.


Coliform Testing:

The media will turn blue-green if coliform bacteria is present, or will remain clear-yellow if coliform bacteria is absent.

No special incubation equipment required. Place warming pad with sample in box and wait 24 to 48 hours.  Sample will turn green if coliforms are present.

If kept at 74F to 78 degrees F, the test will take 48 hours. Warming the sample is not required and does not affect the accuracy of the test, only the timing. If coliform bacteria is detected, the water should be disinfected (or not consumed at all) regardless of whether E. coli is specifically present.

Warming Pad Instructions

         When ready to use, first remove plastic outer wrapper.   

         Do not tear fabric or open fabric, remove plastic only.

         Simply perturb the heat pad media, the air will activate its heating element.

         Place pad in shipping box.  Pad will start to warm, do not make direct contact with the sample bottle.

         Take bacteria sample per instructions, place in box with heating pad, close box.

         Safe natural warming. Contains iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt.

Want E.coli Testing?

E. coli (fecal bacteria) growth is confirmed by blue fluorescence under UV light (not included, see option above to purchase). 

Note: the UV light is only used when the sample turns green (coliform is present).

Weight: 1.00 lbs

30 Day Money Back if Not Satisfied.  Return sample bottle and warmer for refund if not satisfied.

Manufacturer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer #: 487197-1