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Well Water Water Testing

There are a large number of well water test kits and water testing labs available for the home water-well owner including some tests you can do yourself, quickly and accurately in the privacy of your own home. If you already understand your water is safe but are attempting to solve a specific well water problem such … Continue reading Well Water Water Testing
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Water Tests

While relying on a private well can offer some great advantages – namely, the ability to completely control the quality and composition of your water – most well water users can attest that it comes with its own share of disadvantages as well. Perhaps the biggest trouble with well water stems from the variety of … Continue reading Water Tests
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Nitrate Levels Surge in Midwestern Wells Due to Unusually Wet Spring

After last year’s extreme drought followed by this year’s unusually wet spring, water tables in Iowa are registering high levels of nitrates due to fertilizer runoff, according to the Associated Press. The nitrates are a concern for drinking water quality and public health. According to the AP report “Nitrate levels have soared because drought-withered corn … Continue reading Nitrate Levels Surge in Midwestern Wells Due to Unusually Wet Spring
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