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Compare the Costs of Using Chlorine Vs Hydrogen Peroxide for Well Water Treatment?

A very effective way to eliminate odors, bacteria and oxidize iron, manganese and other contaminants is by injecting ah2o2small amount of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide each the well pump turns on.    Chlorination or peroxide injection combined with a backwashing catalytic carbon filter system is an excellent way to have clean odor-free, disinfected water throughout the home.

Unlike chlorine bleach (which is sodium hypochlorite), hydrogen peroxide adds no salts or other chemical residual to the water. After interacting with the water, peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water.

However a common concern is the cost.  We are often asked “Which is cheaper, chlorine or peroxide?”.

Peroxide can cost more to buy upfront than bleach for a similar concentration.  For example chlorine bleach commonly costs $2 to $5 a gallon for 5% to 7% chlorine.  However, peroxide may cost $10 to $14 a gallon for a 7% peroxide solution.  So in a straight comparison, peroxide seems more expensive.

But peroxide acts approximately twice as fast a chlorine.  For example, 1.o PPM of iron takes 0.6 to 1.0 PPM of chlorine to be oxidized.  But it only takes 0.3 to 0.5 PPM of peroxide to oxidize the same 1.0 PPM of iron.   Since less peroxide is required, it can end up being a similar cost to chlorine.

One way to save money on peroxide is to buy it locally in a higher concentration.  For example, we sell 7% peroxide, which is safe to ship and handle.  However often peroxide can be purchased locally in your area, at a higher concentration of 15% to 35%, at a cheaper cost, although care must be taken when handling it and it may require dilution before injecting it.



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