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Iron Filters: We Have Crystal Clear Water Again

The system is doing great now. Thanks for all your help! The Chemsorb cleaned up and we have crystal clear water again. Running the Ozone unit on pure oxygen. Running about 12 SCFH now seems to be the most potent flow on pure oxygen.

Sandy Strayer

Gordon, TX

Pictured: MangOX Iron Filter 7000-SXT 2.5 CF and Sediment Filter 7000-SXT 2.5 CF
Pictured: Clean Water Tech CD-AD (left)

IMG_0314_strayerSmall2 IMG_0316_strayerSmall3 IMG_0326_strayerSmall5 IMG_0321_strayerSmall4 IMG_0328_strayerSmall7 IMG_0336_strayerSmall8




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