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What are the Differences among the 7000, 7500 and 5900e Backwash Control Valves

A question we sometimes get is: What is the Difference Between the 7000, 7500 and 5900e Backwash Control Valves?

Control valves come in different sizes and configurations.  Here is a summary of the main differences between the valves.

fleck 7000, 7500, 5900 comparison

5900 Backwash control valve advantages

If you are wondering, what a backwash control valve is:

A “backwash control valve” is a device that is mounted on top of the filter tank.   It automatically backwashes and rinses the filter media, or in the case of water softeners, it allows for brine to be drawn in to regenerate the softening resin.

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The 5900e Backwash Control Valve

The 5900e is a great valve, assembled in the U.S. of domestic and some imported parts, and very good quality.  It has a 7 -year warranty.  5900e is a cost-effective control valve with a standard  7-year warranty and is built in the U.S.  The 5900e is an ideal valve in most instances for a home with up to 4 – 5  bathrooms. (Watch our video here.)

The Fleck 7000 Control Valve

The Fleck 7000 (which is being discontinued by Pentair but still supported) is a high flow valve used in light commercial application or large homes.  The 7000SXT is typically used where higher flow rates are required in Irrigation and Light Industrial applications.  It is also used by homeowners as well.  The 7000SXT has a 5- year warranty and is also built in the U.S.  Note that this valve is being discontinued by Fleck later this year, however, they will continue to be supported (warranty, parts, etc.) for the next 7 years. For a complete guide, download the pdf here.

The 7500 Backwash Control Valve 

The 7500 is a high-flow, industrial low-cost imported valve, but works great and lasts for years. (See 7500 Backwash Control valve)

For most residential and small commercial applications,  we recommend the CWS 5900e.

Have questions?  Contact us at or call us at 888-600-5426.

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