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I Cannot Believe the Change!

Our system has been operating for 3 days and I cannot believe the change. Water is perfectly clear for the first time since we owned the house. Toilets have also have changed from rusty water to clear water. Thanks Brett for all your patience and help.

William P.
Lacrosse, VA

rusty  water



clean  water

water treatment system - rusty to clean water with iron filter


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About Gerry Bulfin
Hello! I am a licensed water treatment contractor and consultant based in Santa Cruz CA. If you are having water quality problems with your well water, or not happy with your city water for any reason, our team can help you. Do you have any questions or need help with your water? If there is any question I can answer or help in any way, please email me at gerrybulfin@cleanwaterstore.com! I started in the water business in the 1980s, installing well water systems and treatment plants in Northern California for small communities and commercial applications. Our company now specializes in well water treatment systems, although we have many customers in diverse commercial and industrial applications as well. We try to help folks as much as we can and stand behind our unique products with an excellent warranty and money-back guarantees. Thanks for visiting our site and blog. Gerry

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