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“I saved a lot of money and I have the best water ever”

Dear Clean Water Store:

A couple of pictures are attached to show my new installation.  The Water Specialist at the Clean Water Store helped me select the equipment and then provided simple instructions so I could install and set up the equipment myself.

The end result; I saved a lot of money and I have the best water ever.  Prior to the new system, I injected chlorine into the lake water and filtered it with carbon.  The water was dingy with a lot of iron and sediment.

After I followed the Water Specialist’s suggestion to also inject aluminum sulfate and filter the water with their new Mangox filter, my water is as clear as any water from a municipality.

Not only am I satisfied; my family is as well.

Thanks Demian


Alum Injection Carbon Filter Iron Filter
Automatic Alum Injection Backwashing Filter & MangOX Iron Filter removes sediment, suspended solids and iron.


Chlorinator pump and alum injection pump
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