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I thought you might like to see how awesome the greensand filter is working..

Hey Brett,

I thought you might like to see how awesome the greensand filter is working.  I ran some water into a white bucket bypassing the filter (Before photo), then added a bit of chlorine to it…and just like in my pool last year, it immediately turned dark, reddish and rusty!  You can even see a bunch of rust on the bottom of the bucket.

Then, I ran some water through the greensand filter, and added a bit of chlorine.  As you can see in the photo…not even a hint of rust!!  Beautifully clear and sparkling.  Wow!!!  Can’t wait to enjoy my pool water this summer.  Plus, it has eliminated all rusty water in the house…no more stains at all.

If you want, feel free to use these “Before/After” photos on your website.  I think they will really appeal to pool owners who use well water…lots of them out there who have struggled for years (incuding me) to get rid of the iron for their pool water.

Hope you enjoy them.  I LOVE the greensand filter.


Mike Smith
MindFire Communications

Solon, IA


Greensand Filter

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