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“Keep Up the Good Work,” CWS!

Folks, just keep up the good work, you have your “stuff” together!!

As a small group A water system operator/engineer (volunteer position…), I really appreciate your steady customer service and technical help.

GreensandPlus Filter Media
GreensandPlus Filter Media

Brett Hydeman was particularly helpful in sorting out a problem last year (leaking pilot valve for backflush valve) on my sand filter, including coaching me on rebedding procedures (with greensand+) and even offering to send (at no charge) potassium permanganate (to condition the filter) when it wasn't working properly (due to the valve problem.)   I spent the $75 on my own to try the p-p and when that didn't work, finally noodled out the valve problem.  I think it only fair that we (and not CWS) paid for the p-p; however,  I'll just say that this left a hugely favorable impression of CWS!

It was because of this sort of support I recommended to our board the purchase of a second manganese filter to parallel the first. (I had been asked to increase thruput on our best well and this will also improve manganese removal.)  Our net cost (with me installing) will be about 1/3 that of a trusted consultant.  This sure helps keep our corporation fees (e.g.,dues) low.  The filter et. al. has been delivered and I'll get around to installing it soon, probably with a call or two to Brett for advice.


A. T. Jensen PE
Avion Corp.
Auburn, WA

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