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Why You May Need Point of Use Water Filtration

AWWA-030New analysis of Los Angeles city water distribution systems shows huge deficiencies in the cleanliness and durability of the city's water pipes. Large amounts of money are spent at Los Angeles water treatment facilities, only to be pumped through city distribution pipes that are on average 58 years old and desperately require maintenance.

The contaminated water is then pumped into homes, requiring treatment again. 5,200 leaks in water mains across the city have been found so far. Below shows the neighborhoods most impacted.


LA Department of Water and Power reports that two thirds of the leaky and corroded mains were constructed before 1950. DWP says that the recently passed Water Bond will provide some of the much needed resources to repair the mains, but much more will remain to be done.

How does this affect you?

City water distribution problems like this one may require residential filtration systems that clean city derived water directly at the tap. rust_stain_sinkRust and sediment can be picked up easily through city water mains that have little maintenance.  By the time that water gets into residential pipes, it can be at high enough levels to cause rust stains in housing appliances and visible suspended sediment in the water. Send in your water samples to Clean Water Systems, free of charge, to see if you may need a Point of Use filter system for your home. More information about our water testing can be found at our website.

For the interactive version of the map above, follow this link for the LA Times article webpage.

If you have further questions about City Water Quality Testing or appropriate treatment systems, you can email us at [email protected] or drop us a Facebook message at any time. Our water specialists welcome questions, and love to provide answers!



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