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Pro-OX Iron Filter and Adedge Arsenic System Successfully Installed!

Front entrance to new shed enclosure (not seen is 1 1/2″ PVC drain outlet on left outside wall that will later have 120 gal water tank to collect and recycle back flush water for local vegetation irrigation)
View from shed door into shed. MangOx tank on right, AD-33 tank on left, 4 single gang receptacles (MangOx, AD-33, softener, and spare for winter heating/expansion), left side is return line to house after treatment system, all walls R-13 insulated, light fixture at ceiling
Inlet, outlet flex lines from MangOx tank, on right is insulated 3/4″ copper feed line from well, behind flex is TwistIIClean filter, feed line upstream of filter is pressure gauge, bib, and iso gate valve. white hoses at top is drain line from control valve to drain manifold.

– Ron Korner

Kernville, CA

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