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What is The Difference Between Salt-free Scale Stopper Water Conditioner and Standard Water Softeners?

Salt-free Scale Stopper Water Conditioner and Standard Water Softeners

What is the difference between water conditioners, like the Scale Stopper, and traditional water softeners that use salt?

Traditional water softeners use salts to exchange hardness calcium minerals with sodium ions. Salt-free water conditioners change the composition of the calcium minerals in the water to discourage scale formation that collects on household appliances and in pipes.  The advantages to salt-free conditioners,  however, are
Idle vs. Service


Advantages to Salt-Free Conditioners over Traditional Water Softeners:

Scale Stopper (front)
  • Consistent scale control:  eliminates problems with calcium scale in pipes and appliances
  • No salt required.  No backwash or waste water is produced.
  • Works for both residential and commercial applications
  • Economical and energy efficient: Uses no waste water and requires no electricity.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Retains beneficial minerals naturally occurring in your water: Salt-less conditioners won’t leave your water with a slimy or slippery feel as often happens with salt softeners.
  • Compact, uses less space than most water softeners.
Scale Stopper side
Scale Stopper side


It is important to note that Scale Stopper does not lower the actual, measurable hardness in the chemistry of the water after treatment, but rather changes the form of the hardness so that it won’t cause problems.

Both no-salt conditioners and traditional water softeners contribute to a longer life for your appliances and pipes, easier-to-clean shower doors and fixtures, and energy savings by increasing the efficiency of water heaters.



If you would like to get a personal consultation for which system would work best for your needs, we are happy to help. We can be contacted through our website support tab, at [email protected], or at the phone number at the very bottom of this webpage.



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