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How Scale Stopper Works and Why

Scale Stopper (front)
Scale Stopper (front)

How does the Scale Stopper work?

The Scale Stopper product relies on a technology called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). TAC produces a catalyic reaction that converts calcium and magnesium in the water into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.

The diagrams below show calcium and magnesium ions attaching to nucleation sites on a Scale Stopper bead (green). A crystal forms at each of the nucleation sites with the accumulated ions. Once this crystal reaches the nanometer size range, it will be released back into the flow as an inactive particle in the water. These inactive particles are unable to form scale. The treated water will actually then gradually work away at the existing hardness deposits.

TAC diagramsarrowTAC diagrams2



ASU Study
An experiment at Arizona Sate University showed the TAC technology to be the most effective scale remover using Tempe's tap water as a test subject. Scale Stopper's TAC proved to be 97+% effective at two different temperatures, passing the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water test with flying colors.
ASU results table
ASU study results

Comparison methods included: Electromagnetic Treatment, Electrically Induced Precipitation, Capacitive Deionization, and No Treatment. A table of the results is below, as well as a graph to visually represent the results from the study. Pictures to the right show how much scale remained after each treatment.



Visit our slideshare profile for a comprehensive presentation outlining how the Scale Stopper works in further detail.

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