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Shower Stays Clean – Pro Ox System is Working Well


Pro-OX Iron Filter


Pro -OX Iron Filter

I wanted to wait at least a month before responding, so I could better see how the system was working. I am pleased to say that I believe the system is working well. I used to have to take an iron removal spray called ” the works” to my fiberglass shower every four or five days even if I wiped down the shower after every use. It was worst if I didn't wipe the shower down. Since hooking up the system I have not had to remove the iron at all and the shower stays clean.

I guess that it has removed the iron, but the only way to know is to have the water tested again. I plan to do that in another month. I have a new home and want to be sure the iron will not build up in hard to remove areas like an air tub and tiled shower in master bedroom. The side chlorine tank has iron particles settled in the bottom of it and I imagine I will have to clean it now and then. I wish I would have ordered a 24″ stainless steel line instead an 18″, as you can see from the picture, the valve face does not sit parallel with the wall.

I would also like to say that Brett Hydeman and everyone else I talked to by e mail was very professional and helpful through the recommendations and ordering process. I researched on line for weeks before ordering and one of the biggest reasons for choosing pro ox was because of the amount of backwash water used to keep it operating because of my septic system, and the service rate during operation. I only lost a slightly noticeable drop in water volume. If i get as many years of service from the system as I was told it would work, I have a feeling I will be very pleased with the pro ox system.

Thank you.



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