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Thanks for a Great Experience

I would like to thank you for a great experience while doing this project.

Ever only having had city water my entire life, I knew nothing about well water, only that the house I recently purchased had stinky, horrible water.

Not knowing ANYTHING about the subject I began researching it on the internet and just at the point of total confusion I found your website.
I used your resources to identify what I needed to do and what equipment I needed.

I utilized your:

• Email support help twice.
• The plumbing schematics
• The “Startup Guides” emailed to me after the order was made.
• Toll free line to get advice during the startup process.

I went from knowing literally nothing about well water treatment, to now being very comfortable about what needs to be done to make quality water, and an expert about my own system.

I had gotten estimates from local water filter companies and the estimates were very high, thus the decision to do this myself.
I installed a better, higher capacity system than I was getting quotes for and became an expert about my system, and saved OVER $2,0000.

The water in my house is GREAT!!  No smell, no unpleasant taste!!

I have already recommended your business to friends and will continue to do so.

Thank you for helping me through this project and for a pleasant experience.

Please see the attached pictures of my water system and the before-and-after.

Thank you again,

Steve P.
Plantation, FL

Pictured: Greensand Iron Filter IR 2510 and Softener 5600 Meter 48K Grain
Pictured: Greensand Iron Filter IR 2510 and Softener 5600 Meter 48K Grain
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