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Top Eight Reasons to Use the Scale-Stopper Salt Free Water Conditioner

Using A Scale-Stoper Salt Free Water Conditioner is The Green AlternativeCheck your pipes for scale

– No salt used as in traditional water softeners

– No energy used, no power required.

– No waste water, unlike regular water softeners, there is no wasted water

– Prevents scale and hardness minerals from ruining pipes

– Protects water heaters and appliances

– Makes bathroom tiles and glass doors easier to clean of mineral deposits.

– Cleaner laundry and softer clothes

– Reduces soap and shampoo use in the shower and bath

Scale Stopper Systems 

We offer a range of systems for different size homes and commercial applications.  They are easy to install for anyone with a knowledge of basic plumbing.


size-service flow

Each system includes:

Pictured: Scale Stopper (side)
Pictured: Scale Stopper (side)

– Tank

– Scale Stopper media

– pipe connectors

– Big Blue filter housing

– GAC Carbon Pre-Filter

– Filter housing wrench

PLEASE NOTE:  Scale Stoppers and ALL other non-salt conditioners on the market do NOT soften your water or remove minerals.  If you wish to have spot-free shower doors or fixtures, it is best to use a water softener.

If you want to keep your pipes, water heater, fixtures, and appliances free of scale with practically zero maintenance, the Scale Stopper works great!

See more information on these amazing systems by clicking here.


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