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We Could Not Be Happier with the Service We Received from Clean Water Store!

We finished construction on our new house about 1 month ago and lack of pre-planning and testing of our well water left us with stains showing up in our brand new fixtures due to high iron, manganese and hard water.  After running through our well water test results with Brett from Clean Water Store he quickly put together a recommendation for a Greensand filter to fix our problems.  After success with the Greensand filter and clearing up the Iron problem we again contacted Brett and added a 48K water softener to our system.  We could not be happier with the service we received from Clean Water Store.  They promptly answered all of our questions on installation, programming and quickly shipped one missing fitting.

After talking with others on well water we feel we saved substantial money with Clean Water Store vs. using one of the national big name water companies.

Thank you Clean Water Store!

-Scott & Michele Palmer and Family

Moscow, ID

Pictured: Greensand Iron Filter IR 2510 2.0 CF, Softener 2510-SXT Meter 48K Grain, and Big Blue 50 Micron 20 GPM.


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