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Well Water Treatment for New Homeowners: Four Important Steps To Take


If you just purchased a new home or are new to well water systems, it pays to educate yourself about your well and pump system, and be able to understand how to read a water test report.  Whether you decide to purchase and install a water treatment system, or have a local water treatment professional install and maintain it, becoming familiar with some basic concepts and systems will save a lot of money in the long run.

We recommend 4 main steps, starting with water analysis.

1.       Test your water for general minerals plus nitrate, arsenic, and bacteria; if you live in an industrial or agricultural area, or near a gas station, test for additional chemicals and heavy metals.  Read more…

2.       Determine your well water flow rate.  Read more…

3.       Do a physical inspection of your piping and fixtures:
  • Check back of toilet tank for sediment and staining, and drain water heater and look for sediment or deposits.
  • Check for odors in the water: odor in cold water? Hot water? Or both?
  • Check for copper pipe corrosion and scale build up, unless your home is new, or has PEX or plastic piping.
  • Identify the diameter of your main pipe coming in to home, does it use ¾”, 1” or larger diameter piping?
4.       Choose a treatment system:
  • Based on what you would like to see improved in your water (eliminate sulfur odor, stains, scale, tastes or remove specific contaminants such as arsenic or less) decide on the appropriate treatment system.
  • Select a location for your water treatment system and determine space available.
  • Select your water treatment system so it will not adversely affect your water pressure.
  • Use best practices for installation and start-up, by following manufacturer recommendations.
Have questions?  email us or call us anytime!  [email protected]
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