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Why Does the Chlorine Pump Require a 220 Volt Outlet?

Lately we’ve received questions as to why chlorine pumps often require 220 volts to power.  The answer is that chlorine pumps don’t necessarily require 220v – in fact, pumps are available in 120v as well, at the same price as the 220v model.

Many customers do use a 220v model so they can wire it into the well pump pressure switch and turn it on and off with a well pump, which is often 220v.  However, 120v pumps are readily available and equally effective when installed correctly.  We recommend the following:

  • Pump output 0.2 to 3.0 gallons per day (0.8 to 11.4 liters per day); voltage 120V; 60 hz.
  • Maximum line pressure the system will work with is 100 PSI.
  • This is a complete system that comes with everything you need: solution tank; metering pump; tubing; fittings; and injection check valve.
  • The convenient tank has a top flat surface where you can easily mount the pump with screws or Velcro.
  • The system is optimized for chlorine injection.

We hope this information helps you choose the right pump for your system.  Don’t forget, we are here to help!  You can send any further questions via e-mail to [email protected].

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