Chlorine Powder Granules NSF Concentrated 5 lb Jug

Chlorine Powder Granules NSF Concentrated 5 lb Jug
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Chlorine Granules for Water Disinfection 5 lb Container 

Don't use laundry bleach!  Often liquid chlorine bleach has other contaminants such as benzene, fragrances and laundry addtives, none of which you want in your water.

Our chlorine granules contain only chlorine, no fragrances or additives.

Great for use in chlorination pump systems, dosing pumps and chlorine disinfection systems.

These dissolving granules also work well for sanitizing pipelines, distribution systems, sanitize and disinfect storage tanks and cisterns.

Chlorine granules from BWI are made in the U.S. and are certified for use in drinking water.  

Contains 70% available chlorine

Chlorine granules can be stored for 6 - 8 months in a cool dark place.

Simply dissolved the granules in purified or soft water, and use with chlorine injection pumps to get the chlorine residual you want in your water system.

Chlorine residuals and tastes can be removed by activated carbon, so no chlorine enters your septic tank.

5 lb container contains 80 ounces (by weight)

Add 1 Ounce (by weight) of  the Chlorine Granules to 1 gallon of purified, distilled or soft water to create a 0.5% solution of 5,000 PPM chlorine bleach

Some settling will occur, use warm distilled or purified water for best results

If you have questions please chat with us, call us or email us at [email protected]

How Do I Use it To Make Liquid Bleach?

To make a 0.5% liquid bleach solution (which is same as saying 5000 PPM) add 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons) of granules to 1 gallon of warm distilled water and stir for several minutes until mostly dissolved.

Some settling will occur and a white deposit (calcium) will be on the bottom of container

How does this compare to household bleach?

1 ounce of chlorine granules to 1 gallon of water creates 0.5% Liquid Bleach

1% Liquid Bleach = 10,000 PPM of chlorine

Household Bleach is 5% or 50,000 PPM

Do you recommend this for use in automatic chlorine injection system for my home well water?

Yes we have hundreds of customers using this in their home chlorination systems.

Some settling will occur, to reduce calcium settling add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to each gallon

Settling of some of the calcium will not affect performance as long as your foot valve suction to your chlorinator pump is suspended a few inches above the bottom of your solution tank.

Can I use this in my pool?

This is for potable water and cleaning or disinfecting and is not meant to be used in pools.  The manufacturer says not for pools.

Is this chemical certified?

Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Manufacturer: BWI

Manufacturer #: C21005G

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