Microzone CD550 0.55 Grams Per Hour

Microzone CD550 0.55 Grams Per Hour
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ClearWater Tech Microzone CD550

The Microzone CD550 provides superior disinfection at an ozone output of 0.55 grams per hour. Easy to maintain and install, the CD550 packs a punch in a compact size.

NOTE:  This unit does not move the air through on its own.  It requires either a Mazzei-type injector (which pulls the air) or a compressor or aerator (which pushes the air).


Updated corona discharge reaction chamber cell design, stainless steel and glass construction

Increased longevity and ease of service

Cooling fan

New look - extruded powder-coated aluminum cover

Optional: on-board interlock relay

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Microzone Series Corona Discharge (CD)

ClearWater Techs Microzone Series utilizes corona discharge technology to provide superior ozone performance in a compact size. 

The CD325 and CD550 ozone generators deliver tremendous value with minimal complexity and cost. The Microzone Series are wall-mounted, making them easy to install, maintain, and operate in a wide range of environments.

  • Compact
  • Main power indicator
  • No air preparation required
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional:on board interlock relay
  • Air-cooled
  • Serviceable

  • Residential spas
  • Ornamental water features
  • Small aquariums
  • Fresh water holding tanks
  • Machine coolant
  • Well water treatment

  • Eliminates odors
  • Powerful, safe oxidation and disinfection
  • Reduces or eliminates chemical use
  • Produced on-site (no storage, mixing or handling of chemicals)
  • Protects the environment - ozone reduces waste water pollutants

Manufacturer: Clearwater Tech

Manufacturer #: CD550