Contact Retention Tank Chlorine or Peroxide 2162 90 Gal. 1-1/2" In-Out

Contact Retention Tank Chlorine or Peroxide 2162 90 Gal. 1-1/2" In-Out
Code: T2001830

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Contact Retention Tanks are a great way to allow sufficient contact time after your system has injected chlorine or peroxide. 
Allows for contact time to kill bacteria, oxidize iron, odors etc.
Interior baffle distributor tube for better mixing
Provides settling of sand and grit and makes it easy to drain down and flush out heavy particles
Use less chlorine and peroxide!
Eliminates heavy chlorine tastes and odors by allowing chlorine to react with iron, odor or bacteria in water.
Operating temperature range  34 - 120F (1 - 50C)
Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi  (10 bar)

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Better Mixing and Longer Retention Times for Chlorine or Peroxide Injection

  • CWS Retention Contact Mixing Tanks are great for chlorination or peroxide injection systems!
  • Install the Inlet and Outlet pipes at the top,(recommended for maximum retention)
  • Pipe sizes from 1" to 2" NOTE: if you need 3/4" it is easy to use a pipe bushing to adapt to 3/4".
  • Unlike other contact tanks rated for 75 PSI max, this tank is rated for 125 PSI.
  • Heavier duty, longer lasting.
  • This attractive contact tank is a durable easy-to-install retention tank designed to provide optimum contact time during chemical treatment.
  • These lightweight seamless totally non-corrosive retention tanks are ideal for new and replacement installation where longest life is desired.
  • 100% non-metallic polymer materials.
  • Impervious to chemical attack.
  • Seamless one-piece inner shell, certified.
  • No vulnerable interior tank coating.
  • 125 psig operating pressure.
  • Drain is easy to install using PVC or stainless steel ball valves.
  • NOTE: vacuum relief valve required for warranty.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What size should I order for oxidizing iron, odors or for mixing?
  • Answer: For most residential applications where you are injecting chlorine, air, ozone or other chemicals before your filtration system, the 15 or 30 Gallon Contact Tanks work good. These are the most common sizes when the water is flowing at up to 15 gallons per minute, which is common for most home water wells. A contact time of 1 -2 minutes works great when you are looking to destroy odors or oxidize iron or manganese before a filter system.
  • Question:  I have 3/4" piping, is there a 3/4" size?
  • Answer:  The 1" size can easily be adapted down to 3/4" with common pipe reducer fittings available at hardware stores.
  • Question: What size should I get if I wish to disinfect water?
  • Answer: This will depend on the pH and the concentration of the chlorine, ozone or peroxide you are injecting, but generally you would want about 10 minutes of contact time. Contact us for more information and assistance in sizing if you are using these contact tanks for disinfection.


Two year warranty from date of installation. Contact tanks installed without a vacuum breaker are not covered under warranty

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: T2001830

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