Easy Well Water Home Test Kit 12 Tests w/ TDS Meter

Easy Well Water Home Test Kit 12 Tests w/ TDS Meter
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Our kit includes high quality U.S. MADE test strips as well as pH drops, a manganese test kit and TDS Meter to get the results you need.

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The Easier, More Effective Test Kit. Professional Grade Kit for Better Results.

  • Get specific measurable results, not just presence/absence.
  • We also include a drops pH test, which we find is much easier to use than pH strips.
  • Our kit has tests that are not commonly found in test strip kits from Amazon or Home Depot (such as manganese)!
  • Why wait for a lab analysis? 
  • Includes easy to read chart and instructions so you can quickly see if your well water is within the recommended range for the 11 contaminant parameters included
  • These 12 parameters are a must-know for all well water owners and are designed to give you results accurately and rapidly.
  • Free technical support included: just email us the results and one of our WQA Certified Water Specialists will answer any questions or help you interpret the results.
  • 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Want more tests?  See our Easy Well Test Kit Pro series and get additional tests and parameters at low prices.

  • Features:

  • 12 Easy to use test kits for immediate, accurate on-site results right in the privacy of your own home.
  • Sealed in foil packets providing total protection for the patented test strips.
  • Safe to use. Fast, easy to understand results.
  • One Test Each for Alkalinity, Chlorine, Copper, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Sulfate
  • Includes tests for Sulfate and Manganese (not found in other test kits, but very important to test for!)
  • NEW BONUS: Now includes Total Dissolved Solids Tester. Test for TDS, Conductivity and Temperature!
  • Free follow-up Technical Support if desired by WQA Certified Water Specialists


  • One Test for Each:Alkalinity
  • Chlorine
  • Copper
  • Hardness
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • pH (30 tests for pH included)
  • Sulfate
  • TDS/Temperature Digital Tester


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    Easy Well
    Water Test Kit 
    Easy Well Water
    Test Kit PRO
    Easy Well Water
    Test Kit Pro
    Plus Bacteria,
    Alkalinity 1 2 2
    Chlorine 1 2 2
    Copper 1 2 2
    Hardness 1 30 30
    Hydrogen Sulfide 1 2 2
    Iron 1 2 2
    Manganese 1 2 2
    Nitrate 1 2 2
    Nitrite 1 2 2
    pH 30 30 30
    Sulfate 1 2 2
    Additional Tests:  
    Total Dissolved Solids Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Coliform Bacteria 1
    Lead 1

  • Free Tech Support if you have any questions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee if Not Satisfied

    See Range of Parameters below, on the Test Kit Report Form (Included with your kit). 

    Enter results to keep for your records.  

    Also as an option you can enter your results if you want a professional interpretation here:

    Easy Well Water Test Kit Pro Instructions:

    The Easy Well Water Test Kit gives you professional results fast and easy in your own home. Please follow instructions on the test kit cards carefully for best results!

    Keep away from children. Do not ingest. Wash hands thoroughly after water testing.

    Please note, these water tests and test kits are for educational purposes only, and to help diagnose aesthetic water quality problems. If you suspect your water is contaminated or is causing health problems consult with your local health dept. and have testing done at a State certified laboratory.

    Allow water to run from tap for 4-5 minutes and follow enclosed instructions. Rinse the test bottle thoroughly with the water to be tested between each of the tests. Instructions are included with each test.

    Vial with blue cap is used for the Manganese, Sulfate, Hydrogen Sulfide and pH Tests.

    Check pages 5-8 for safety data sheet before proceeding.

    Includes Printed Chart to Record Your Results:

    Compare & Record Your Results:

    See "Ideal Range" column below. Your tests should fall within these Ideal Range parameters. Your water may require some treatment if it falls outside the range below.

    Does cold well water have rotten-egg sulfur odor? Does hot water have rotten-egg sulfur odor? 

    Check toilet flush tank: (Rust? Sediment in bottom? Color of Sediment? Bubbly or frothy?)

    Questions? Enter your results online, visit http://www.cleanwaterstore.com/test-results/

    We will respond within 1-2 days with a recommendation or any questions that need to be clarified.

    Have more questions? Call us at 888-600-5426 or email us [email protected]

    Get Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back. 

    One Year Warranty. If you are not satisfied return the left over portion for a refull refund, plus we will test your water ourselves in our lab for free.


    Manufacturer: CWS

    Manufacturer #: L1011170

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