Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 4500 GPD EPRO-4500

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 4500 GPD EPRO-4500
Code: RO000540

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  • 4500 Gallons Per Day (17 cubic meters per day) Heavy-Duty Commercial Reverse Osmosis System: produces high quality purified water by reverse osmosis thin film (TFC) membrane using a high pressure pump (included).
  • Removes total dissolved solids; chlorides; sodium; boron; fluoride; minerals and other salts using high-rejection high quality thin-film reverse osmosis membranes.
  • Unlike light-duty systems this reverse osmosis unit includes a 1.0 HP heavy-duty stainless steel multistage centrifugal pump ensuring long life and better performance than standard rotary vane pumps.
  • The unit comes with a white powder-coated steel frame; stainless steel braided hoses; inlet solenoid valve; and stainless steel concentrate control valve.
  • To make service and operation easier this unit includes many options not normally included in other base-unit reverse osmosis systems such as: 5-micron pre-filter; pure-water (permeate) flow meter; waste-water (concentrate) flow meter; PVC pressure vessels; and automatic feed-water shut-off valve.
  • The pressure gauges included display pressure for the high pressure pump; inlet water pressure and pre-filter outlet; making it easy to diagnose and track pressure across the pre-filter.
  • An excellent control panel package includes a UL listed control box with On/Off Switch; low-inlet water protection; function LEDs; and contacts to set up float switches in a storage tank.
  • The control box also features contacts for locking out pretreatment filters during backwash and makes it easy to connect anti-scalant pumps.
  • Crating available for international shipping (add $200).  No Charge for Domestic crating shipments.
  • Minimum 20 PSI line pressure recommended. Inlet pipe size is 3/4 inch.
  • Uses three 4 x 40 inch membranes.
  • Water production rate based on total dissolved solids of 1000 ppm and temperature of 77F (25C).
  • Designed recovery is 20% but can be adjusted if water conditions allow.
  • Voltage is 220 60hz single phase but 220v 50 hz and three-phase available.


  • Shipping dimensions in inches: 30 length x 24 width x 58 height.  No Charge Domestic Crating
  • Dimensions in cm: 84 length x 61 width x 147 height.
  • Shipping weight is 220 lbs (99 kg).
  • Actual unit dimensions in inches: 24 length x 26 width x 53 height.
  • Unit dimensions in cm: 66 length x 50 width x 135 height.
  • Unit weight is 173 lbs (78 kg).
1 year limited warranty

Manufacturer: Newterra (Crane Environmental)

Manufacturer #: EPRO-4500