Filter Cartridge Fluoride 4.5" x 10" 6000 PPM

Filter Cartridge Fluoride 4.5" x 10" 6000 PPM
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  • Aries Fluoride Filter Cartridge: 4.5 x 10"; fits standard 10" big blue housings.
  • These filter elements are designed to reduce fluorides in drinking water to below 0.5 ppm.
  • Change every 6000 gallons depending on local water chemistry
  • They are with constructed with materials which are FDA approved.
  • The filter element uses activated alumina that has been especially prepared for the reduction of fluorides in drinking water.
  • Laboratory tests show that this preparation will improve the capability of the filter to reduce the fluoride levels from 10 ppm F+ to below 0.2 ppm F+.
  • Expected capacity is for removal of 6,000 ppm F+. For example if your water has 1.0 PPM of fluoride in it, the filter can be expected last approximately 6000 gallons
  • Performance will be degraded by flow rates in excess of 2.0 gpm, high pH or high bicarbonate supply water.
  • If the supply water tests above 100 ppm of bicarbonate, the fluoride reduction will be degraded to less than 50%; if the supply is over 200 ppm, the reduction efficiency is less than 75% of normal.

Manufacturer: Aries Filter Works

Manufacturer #: AF-10-3690-BB

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