Hardness Test Kit Pro II

Hardness Test Kit Pro II
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Professional Hardness Test Kit 30 to 50 Tests 

Very accurate.  Unlike hardness test strips that tell you a range, this kit tells you exactly how many grains per gallon of hardness you have. Make it easy to program your water softener, or check and see if your water is hard or soft.

What is included: Blue plastic case to protect reagents; 1 bottle of reagent 1, 1 bottle of reagent 2 ,1 bottle of reagent 3, and plastic test vial.

Easy and accurate drop count method.  Much more accurate than test strips!  Find out exactly how many grains per gallon of water hardness you have.


1. To 5mL of water sample, one-third of provided bottle, add three drops of the buffer solution, hardness solution 1, & swirl to mix.

2. Add three drops of the hardness indicator, hardness solution 2,  & swirl to mix. ( a blue color indicates soft water. If a red color develops proceed to step 3.)

3. Add the hardness titrant reagent, reagent 3, by drops. 

Count the drops until the color changes from red to blue. 

Swirl to mix after each drop. Each drop of titrant equals one grain of Hardness in units of GPG. 

Multiply # of drops by 17.1 to determine hardness in ppm.

Water testing of 75 GPG or more should be forwarded to a water analysis laboratory for further analysis. 

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Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: L1011520