Pro-Ox Manganese Dioxide Iron Filter Media Blend with Gravel 2.5 Cubic Feet 1354

Pro-Ox Manganese Dioxide Iron Filter Media Blend with Gravel 2.5 Cubic Feet 1354
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Replacement media for the 2.5 cubic foot Pro-Ox Filters:

  • 35 lbs of Gravel
  • 20 lbs of Turbidex
  • 2.0 CF of Pro-Ox
NOTE: Make sure your tank size is 13" x 54"

Pro-OX is a black, granular, naturally mined filter media composed of high purity manganese dioxide. Unlike coated filter media such as Birm or manganese greensand, Pro-OX is a solid manganese dioxide offering higher flow rates and faster reaction times. 

Media is added in this order:  Gravel,  Pro-OX, Turbidex.   Turbidex sits on top of the Pro-OX and pre-filters heavy rust and sediment particles and aids in the process.

Pro-OX can be subsituted for applications calling for Filox, Pyrolox, MangOX and other solid manganese dioxide filter media brands. 

Pro-OX media uses an oxidation-reduction filtration process similar to greensand, but at a far higher level of performance, and lasts many years longer due to its solid form and higher purity. Pro-OX works by adsorbing the oxidized species of iron, manganese or sulfides on the external as well as the porous internal structures of the media. This is a catalytic process which processes water at a faster flow rate than traditional media. 

For most applications, the untreated water is first injected with an oxidizer such as air, chlorine or ozone. Because of the highly oxidative state of the Pro-OX media, aeration alone is often sufficient to provide the oxidation required. 

Chlorine is most commonly used as a pre-oxidant which allows the filter media to work at a faster rate and last longer, in a process known as continuous regeneration. The media can also be regenerated at the end of its service cycle by rinsing with chlorine in a process known as batch regeneration or intermittent regeneration. 

For the removal of hydrogen sulfide, Pro-OX directly oxidizes sulfide and catalyzes the oxidation reaction. Sufficient aeration or chlorine injection prior to the filter media should be used to insure long filter life. 

For arsenic removal, chlorine changes arsenite (AsIII) to arsenate (AsV), and iron in the water is converted to ferric hydroxide, which allows the arsenate to form ferric arsenate, which is then removed by the Pro-OX media. For arsenic removal, sufficient iron must be present in the water for arsenic to be removed. A general guideline is 1 mg/L of iron must present to remove 20 ug/L of arsenic., but this can vary greatly depending on pH and other competing ions in the water, and pilot testing is recommended. 

A strong backwash at the proper flow rate is required to keep the Pro-OX media clean. A rate of 12 to 15 GPM per square foot is recommended @ 60F, in order to be able to lift and expand the filter media, to wash out the trapped iron and manganese oxides.


Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: M1002270

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