Manual Backwash Ceramic Disc Control Valve 1" Metal Handle

Manual Backwash Ceramic Disc Control Valve 1" Metal Handle
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Manual backwash filter for standard 2-1/2" opening filter tanks.

Great for carbon, sediment and other backwash filters.

Heavy duty ceramic disc operates with no maintenance for decades. No piston or seals to replace.

The CWS Manual Filter Valves offer an easy to use manually controlled adjustable 3 cycle control for use with activated carbon, sediment backwash or iron filter systems.

Manually move to Service, to Rinse and to Backwash positions.


PPO (Noryl) plastic high tech certified contruction

2.5" Manual Valve with ceramic disc technology for extended life

Adjustable 3 cycle control

Metal Handle Top Mount

Ideal for most filter applications up to 14" tanks.

For use on common filter tanks with a 2 1/2" #8 tank opening.

Includes top screen.

Choose Your Drain Line Flow Control:

Depending on the type of filter media you will be using (carbon, greensand, Pro-OX, calcite etc) you should have a drain line flow control. This controls the amount of water that flows out the drain piping and prevents filter media from backwashing a too fast a rate and flushing filter media out to drain. See the drop down menu. The flow controls simply thread into the 1" drain port and are 1" NPT male pipe thread.


Inlet/Outlet: 1" FMPT Ports
Drain Line: 1"
Mounting Base: 2.5
Riser Pipe: 1.05" OD

Weight: 5.00 lbs

10 year warranty!  Return to us if it fails and we will replace it (shipping not included)

Manufacturer: Runxin

Manufacturer #: 51104