Motorized Ball Valve Stainless Steel No Timer 1"

Motorized Ball Valve Stainless Steel No Timer 1"

Code: V3003000

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1. Compact design, easy to install

2. Patented technology--floating seal structure

3. Long service life — More than 70,000 cycles

4. Low working current, suitable for battery driving

5. Manual override and on/off Indicator is safe& convenient

6. IP67 Protection


Strong Points:

1. Has compact size with smart shape, Performs reliably and has a long life time. 

2. The transmission system adopts new technology made of metal gears with high output torque.

3. Multi-angle assembly, convenience for different space allocation requirements. 

4. Floating seal structure, no leak, suitable for heavy dirt.

5. Can replace the solenoid valve in the conditions that the solenoid valve can not be worked. 

6. Varity of control methods, can recognize the remote signal and feedback signal to the intelligent unit.

7. Motor & manual integration designed with the indicator. 

8. High protection class can be used in moist conditions. 

9. Acquired CE certification and ISO certification


Technical Parameters:

Product size

 NPT/BSP  1" 

Valve type

2 Way

Maximum working pressure:


Circulation medium:

Fluid, Air

Rated voltage:


Wiring control methods:

CR2 01, CR2 02, CR3 01, CR3 02, CR3 03, CR4 01, CR5 01, CR5 02(Optional)

Working current:


Open/close time:


Life time:

70000 times

Valve body material:


Actuator material:

Engineering plastics

Sealing material:


Actuator rotation:

90 degree

Max. torque force:

2 Nm

Environment temperature:

 -15 ~ 50

Liquid temperature:

2 ~ 90

Manual override:




Protection class:


Manufacturer: TF Fluid Control Systems

Manufacturer #: TF20-S2-C