Puri-Cal Grade Calcite 25 Lbs Bag

Puri-Cal Grade Calcite 25 Lbs Bag
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Sale - Not in Purical bag, but is Purical brand Calcite Neutralizer Media 25lbs

New Purical calcite in plastic bag.


PURI-CAL brand calcite is a premium grade pure -Certified calcite produced in the North Cascades Mountains of Washington State. 400 million years ago, the calcite skeletons of tiny sea creatures called coccoliths collected on the ocean floors.

Over time, continual collisions and folding of the earth's crust, generating extreme pressure and temperature traormed these skeletal deposits into the high grade, pure white marble from which Puri-Cal is made. It is specially selected and sized to optimally adjust pH in potable water systems. When used in accordance with standard water treatment practices it will gently and effectively adjust the pH of your water and help minimize corrosion problems in plumbing and appliances.

From Columbia River Carbonates
Puri-Cal 40 


  • Proper use of PURI-CAL can help water systems comply with the EPA lead and copper rule.
  • When used in back-washing filter systems PURI-CAL can significantly clarify cloudy and turbid water.
  • PURI-CAL Independently tested and certified by to Standard 60.
  • Mesh size is 16 x 40.


Manufacturer: Purical

Manufacturer #: M1002420