Oxygen Gas Tester Analyzer

Oxygen Gas Tester Analyzer
Code: O1005340

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  • Oxygen range 21-100% with 0.1% resolution. Comes FACTORY CALIBRATED. Turn ON and GO.
  • Ultrasonic oxygen sensor with accuracy ≤±1.5%
  • Comes with a rechargeable Li-ion 1000mAh and wall plug charger.
  • Made with strong ABS plastic housing. Comes with two barb inlets for easy connection.
  • 1 year limited warranty  100% quality guaranteed **

Oxygen Analyzer

An accurate Oxygen Analyzer made with an ultrasonic sensor. The oxygen analyzer is designed to detect high oxygen levels coming from an oxygen source where oxygen is made using air and balanced with nitrogen such as our oxygen concentrators.


A rubber pipette is provided with tube to push in fresh air.  

Turn on the device, connect the pipette filler with the tester and pinch for 2-3 times to draw in fresh air; 3 mins later, if the numerical value is not within 20.9±0.5, then the tester needs to be corrected.

Turn off and turn back on and simulaneously press Key 1 and Key 2 for 5 seconds.  Release keys. Press "Key 1" to increase 0.1%, press "Key 2" to decrease 0.1%, until correct to 20.9+-0.5,

 Natural air is 20.9% oxygen (plus or minus .5).


Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: O1005340