Poly Guard Crystal 3 lb. (case of 6)

Poly Guard Crystal 3 lb. (case of 6)
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Scale & Rust Preventer

Looking for a solution to hard water rust? Pro Poly Guard slowly releases food grade (Crystals) into the water supply, protecting plumbing and water using appliances from corrosion and hard water rust and extending the life of plumbing and appliances by coating the interior walls. This coating of the plumbing also reduces the leaching of copper and lead into drinking water. Poly Guard sequesters hard water (maximum 12 grains per gallon hardness), reducing scale build up, and sequesters low levels of iron (maximum 1 part per million iron), reducing hard water rust staining. The Poly Guard Cartridge will treat approximately 30,000 gallons of water depending on water conditions. Temperature range 40-125 F (4.4-37.8 C). This product is NSF Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives.

Manufacturer: Pro Products

Manufacturer #: GP63N

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