Pulse Water Meter W/ Reed Switch 1" (Out of Box)

Pulse Water Meter W/ Reed Switch 1" (Out of Box)
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New out of Box DEMO Unit. Includes the same guaranteed warranty as new units.  

Sizing Guide

Flow Rate Comparison Chart in Gallons Per Minute
Model Minimum Flow Rate Maximum Flow Rate
3/4" Model 0.5 22
1" Model 1 31
1-1/2" Model 1 50
2" Model 1 90


Clean Water Systems Lead-Free Pulse Water Meter with Reed Switch 1" NPT is designed for aggressive water such as low pH, reverse osmosis and de-ionized. Also works well on well water where conditions can be demanding.

Meter Housing: Engineered reinforced plastic (nylon).
Connections: Plastic threaded connectionswith unions for 1" NPT
Reed Switch: 1 pulse per gallon
Flow Rate: 1 to 31 gallons per minute
Pressure Rating: Maximum 100 PSI.
Temperature Range: 35 - 122 degrees F. Protect the meter from freezing.
pH Level Range: 6.0 - 8.0
Accuracy: +/- 1.5% of maximum flow when operating between minimum and maximum flow range.
Register Options: U.S. Gallons

NOTE: Water meter must be installed horizontally.   These meters cannot be installed vertically.

Pressure drop: 1 to 15 PSI depending on flow rate

1 Year Warranty

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: M7001390

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