Sediment Backwash Filter 7500-REV4 2.5 CF 13x54

Sediment Backwash Filter 7500-REV4 2.5 CF 13x54
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Sediment Auto Backwash Filter Systems for Well Water

Clean Sediment-Free Water Throughout the Home With NO Filters To Change

Choosing your Model

    Maximum Flow Rate
    Backwash Flow Rate
    # of Bathrooms
    # of Persons in Home
    Width / Height
    .5 CF6 GPM4 GPM11 - 2 6" x 41"
    0.75 CF
    8 GPM
    5 GPM
    1 - 4
    8" x 51"
         0.75 CF Short 
    8 GPM7 GPM11 -310" x 37"
    1.0 CF
    10 GPM
    5 GPM
    1 - 3
    1 - 4
    9" x 55"
    1.5 CF
    12 GPM
    8 GPM
    1 - 4
    1 - 6
    10" x 61"
    2.0 CF14 GPM12 GPM2 - 51 - 812" x 59"
    2.5 CF16 GPM14 GPM2 - 61 - 813" x 61"

Note: The 0.75 CF,  1.0 CF and 1.5 CF models work best for most homes with 1 - 3 bathrooms and are our most popular models.  The # of bathrooms and persons in home is just a guide or approximate typical number.

"Backwash Flow Rate" is the minimum flow rate in gallons per minute ("GPM") that is recommended for that size filter to operate properly. 

Maximum line pressure recommended 100 PSI. Maximum water temperature recommended: 100 F.

*"CF" refers to the amount of filter media included in cubic feet. A 1.5 CF has 1.5 cubic foot of filter media inside it, for example.


Our systems provide many benefits over typical filter cartridge systems. In particular our systems provide:

  • Better filtration than sand or anthracite filters
  • Longer life and higher flow rates
  • Enhanced water quality through filtration down to 5 microns
  • High purity natural zeolite 14 x 40 inch mesh
  • High-tech Ceramic Disc Valve: the moving parts of the 7500 series control valve feature super hard ceramic and graphite meshing surfaces for exacting tolerances, eliminating the need for O-rings or gaskets.
  • Easily programmable, multiple sequence set-up features, regeneration modes and interlocking capabilities.
  • Backwashes based on time (days of the week).
  • More efficient backwashes that use less water and require backwashing less frequently
  • Very long lasting. Ceramic disc valve lasts years longer than standard piston type control valves and backwash over 150,000 cycles.
  • Corrosion Proof: Resistant to sand, caustics, and acids.
  • Automatic recall after power outage and maximum day regeneration functions
  • Resists Abrasion: Patented ceramic discs are corrosion and abrasion resistant for superior durability and longevity.
  • Exceptional High Flow Rate with noticeable noise reduction during regeneration.
  • NSF certified, one piece, seamless poly filter tank for long life
  • Voltage 110v-230V Power Adapter. Control valve 12VDC. Uses less than 20 watts of power.


  • Turbidex Sediment NSF certified filter media
  • Heavy-Duty NSF 7500-Rev ceramic disk control valve
  • Bypass valve with 1" pipe connectors
  • NSF certified filter tank

If you have super fine sediment, use a three stage approach:  
Rusco Spindown 60 mesh filter, then the Sediment Backwash Filter, followed by a 25/1 micron dual grade big blue filter!   

The first filter removes large sand and grit.  The Sediment Backwash Filter removes all sediment larger than 3 to 5 micron range.  The final big blue 1 micron filter removes all super fine sediment down to 1 micron!

Typical Well Installation  

Questions and Answers

Q. Is it difficult to install?

A. It is not difficult to install, most of our customers install it themselves or hire a handyman or plumber.  Installation takes about 3 to 5 hours typically.

Q. Will the Sediment Backwash Filter cut or restrict my water pressure?

A. No, this is one of the advantages over sediment filter cartridges.  Filter cartridges get clogged with sediment and cut back on water pressure until you change it, but unlike cartridges the pressure is restored after each backwash.  During normal operation you might see a 2 to 3 PSI pressure drop at the maximum flow rate, so it is not noticeable. 

Q. How long does the Turbidex media last?

A.  About 5 years.  After 5 or 6 years or longer depending on water usage, the media can be easily dumped out and new media poured in.

Q. Does it remove iron?

A.  Yes if the iron is primarily in the rust or oxidized form, it works great to remove rust and iron oxides.

Q. I have an existing big blue whole house filter, should I keep that?

A. Yes, you might consider adding that AFTER the sediment backwash filter and using a 5 or 1 micron filter cartridge.  If there is any very fine sediment less than 3 to 5 microns your final big blue filter will catch it.   The filter will last for a long time and not require frequent changing since the sediment backwash filter is before it.

Q. What maintenance is required?

A.  No routine maintenance is required.  The 7500 Rev-4 ceramic disc control valve lasts for many years and requires no routine maintenance.  Eventually you would need to unscrew the control valve and change the Turbidex media, after 5 or 6 or more years.

Have more questions?  email us at [email protected] or call us.

  • 10 year Warranty on the filter tanks. All tanks are Certified & top quality.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the control valve. 
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee (some exclusions, see Return Policy)
  • See our Return Policy Here

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: SF003450

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