Sediment Well Water Filter Auto Backwash Commercial 2" 7500-C 5 CF

Sediment Well Water Filter Auto Backwash Commercial 2" 7500-C 5 CF
Code: SF003370

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Sizing Guide

    Maximum Flow Rate Recommended
    Backwash Flow Rate
    Dimensions LxWxH
    3.0 CF
    21 GPM
    15 GPM
    14x 14 x 72"
    4.0 CF28 GPM20 GPM16 x 16 x 72"520
    5.0 CF
    32 GPM
    25 GPM
    18 x 18 x 72"
    7.0 CF
    36 GPM
    30 GPM
    21 x 21 x 72"
    10.0 CF
    47 GPM
    35 GPM
    24 x 24 x 80"

Pipe Size In-Out-Drain on all models is 2" NPT.

Pressure loss is 1 PSI per 5 GPM.

"Backwash Flow Rate" is the minimum flow rate in gallons per minute ("GPM") that is recommended for that size filter to operate properly.

Maximum line pressure recommended 100 PSI. Maximum water temperature recommended: 100 F.

*"CF" refers to the amount of filter media included in cubic feet.


Our systems provide many benefits over typical sand filter or cartridge systems:

  • Better filtration than sand or anthracite filters.
  • High-tech Ceramic Disc Valve: the moving parts of the 7500 series control valve feature super hard ceramic and graphite meshing surfaces for exacting tolerances, eliminating the need for O-rings or gaskets.
  • All wetted parts of control valve, tank and media are certified.
  • Easily programmable, multiple sequence set-up features, regeneration modes and interlocking capabilities.
  • Easy to read LCD display for quick installation and convenient maintenance
  • More efficient backwashes that use less water and require backwashing less frequently
  • No hard water bypass during the regeneration backwash sequence for cleaner water
  • Very long lasting. Ceramic disc valve lasts years longer than standard piston type control valves and backwash over 150,000 cycles.
  • Corrosion Proof: Resistant to sand, caustics, and acids.
  • Automatic recall after power outage and maximum day regeneration functions
  • Resists Abrasion: Patented ceramic discs are corrosion and abrasion resistant for superior durability and longevity.
  • Exceptional High Flow Rate with noticeable noise reduction during regeneration.
  • Enhanced water quality through filtration down to 5 microns
  • One-piece seamless polyester construction for longersys tem life
  • Fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles, saving water and maximizing performance
  • Turbidex Certified High purity natural zeolite 14 x 40 inch mesh filters down to the 3 to 5 micron range
  • Quiet.The most quiet backwash control valve on the market
  • Certified filter tank and media. Control valve manufactured with FDA approved materials.


  • 7500-C 2" control valve 100-240v 50/60hz
  • The required amount of Turbidex filter media and under-bedding filter gravel.


  • All sediment backwash systems include filter media, tank, backwash control valve
  • Easy to service: little or no maintenance.
  • Proven technology used over decades.
  • No chemicals or salt required.
  • Timed backwashes based on hours or day of the week.
  • Turbidex filter media is a high purity, low sodium, natural, zeolite mineral.
  • Certified: ANSI/ Standard 61 listing.
  • Mesh size: (14 x 40 mesh)
  • Has surface micro-mineral projections with 0.25 to 10 micron spacing
  • Timed backwashes based on hours or day of the week.
  • The material is mined,crushed, dried, and double-screened
  • Timed backwashes based on hours or day of the week.
  • Weight: 610.00 lbs

    • 5 Year Warranty on Filter Tank
    • 5 Year Warranty on Control Valve

    Manufacturer: CWS

    Manufacturer #: SF003370