Water Softener 5900-BT 48K Grain 10x54

Water Softener 5900-BT 48K Grain 10x54

Code: WS006030

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Sizing Guide

Model Number of Bathrooms in Home Pipe Fittings Included Tank Dimensions
16k 1 1" Width: 6" Height: 35"
24k 1 1" Width: 8" Height: 44"
32k 1 - 2 1" Width: 9" Height: 48"
48k 1 - 2.5 1" Width: 10" Height: 54"
64k 1.5 - 3 1" Width: 12" Height: 52"
80k 2 - 5 1" Width: 13" Height: 54"

Brine Tank Sizing Guide

Brine Tank Salt Capacity (lbs) Tank Dimensions
Square Brine Tank 250 Length: 13" Width: 13" Height: 32.5"
Square Brine Tank 350 Length: 15.5" Width: 16" Height: 39"
Round Brine Tank 375 Width: 18" Height: 33"
Round Brine Tank 450 Width: 18" Height: 40"
Square Brine Tank 156 Length: 11" Width: 11" Height: 38"
Round Brine Tank 700 Width: 32" Height: 41"


  • High quality salt-efficient water softener: eliminates or dramatically reduces white spotting on fixtures and dishware
  • Advanced 5900-BT Salt-Saver Control Valve automatically monitors water usage and only regenerates based on actual demand in the home. Saves salt and water.
  • Prevents scale and calcium build-up inside pipes, water heaters, fixtures, and appliances
  • Counteracts drying effects of hard water, allowing you to enjoy softer skin and hair
  • Saves on laundry: clothes come out cleaner and softer without chemicals, bleach, or detergents. Clothing lasts longer!
  • Reliable 5900-BT Control valve automatically backwashes and cleans the softener based on the amount of water you use, saving salt and water
  • Excellent 10 year warranty on tanks and 7 year warranty on control valves!
  • NSF certified filter tank and high grade softener resin
  • Blue tooth enabled softener with Free App! Easily diagnose and control softener from your smart phone app.
  • Complete instructions and video included.
  • 5900-BT heavy duty Blue Tooth enabled backwash control valve features fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles, saving water and allowing maximized performance.
  • Monitor flow rates, history of water usage and settings from your smart phone if desired.
  • Non-corrosive high-tech material construction
  • User friendly LCD display, showing time of day, regeneration mode, and gallons remaining
  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled 5900-BT Electronic Control Valve for advanced water usage & flow monitoring from your smart phone!
  • Easy to install by anyone familiar with basic plumbing, or any plumber or handyman can install.


  • Heavy-Duty 5900-BT control valve Dual Voltage 110-230V 50/60 Hz
  • NSF certified tank
  • High-grade softener resin lasts for years.
  • Bypass valve & 1" pipe connectors with unions. Can be easily reduced to fit 3/4" pipe sizes if needed.


  • Max pressure recommended: 100 psi
  • Max temperature recommended: 100°F
  • Filter tank is one piece seamless polyester and NSF certified
  • Dual voltage 110v-230v 50/60 hz power supply (Control Valve is 12 VDC). Uses than 20 watts of power max.


  • 10 year Warranty on the filter tanks. All tanks are NSF Certified & top quality.
  • 7 Year Warranty on the control valve. Made in the U.S.A.
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee!

More Info:

  • Try it, and if you are not 100% satisfied, return for your money back, less shipping costs.
  • Easy to Install. Complete Instructions included.
  • Install yourself or hire a handyman.
  • Anyone familiar with basic plumbing can easily install system.
  • User friendly LCD display and simplified controls.
  • Legacy View Bluetooth enabled 5900-BT Electronic Control Valve for advanced water usage & flow monitoring
  • Free optional Legacy View App available for Android or Iphones, makes it easy to monitor from your smart phone if desired.
  • 10 Year Warranty on Filter Tank
  • 7 Year Warranty on Control Valve
  • We are here to help. Any questions? Email us at support@cleanwaterstore.com or call us.

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: WS006020