Sulfur Odor Filter Well Water 7500-REV4 AIR 2.5 CF 13x54

Sulfur Odor Filter Well Water 7500-REV4 AIR 2.5 CF 13x54
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Eliminate Rotten Egg Odor, Sulfur Smells and Sediment, Naturally with No Chemicals.  Fully Automatic.

  • Aerates and filters water using a special type of catalytic activated carbon and KDF filter media
  • Combination of aeration and catalytic carbon instanty elminates sulfur smells and odors
  • Optional Ozone generator kills sulfur and iron bacteria and sanitizes carbon media
  • Carbon filter media lasts for years.  No filter cartridges to change!  Filter media is easy to dump out and change years later.
  • High-tech Ceramic Disc Valve: the moving parts of the 7500 series control valve feature super hard ceramic and graphite meshing surfaces for exacting tolerances, eliminating the need for O-rings or gaskets.
  • Easily programmable, multiple sequence set-up features, regeneration modes and interlocking capabilities.
  • Backwashes automatically based on time (days of the week), typically two times a week for most homes.
  • Corrosion Proof: Resistant to sand, caustics, and acids.
  • Automatic recall after power outage and maximum day regeneration functions
  • Resists Abrasion: Patented ceramic discs are corrosion and abrasion resistant for superior durability and longevity.
  • Exceptional High Flow Rate with noticeable noise reduction during regeneration.
  • NOTE: if you select the Ozone option, KDF is not used or included.
  • 7500-REV2.5 Control valve with 110V - 230V 50/60 Hz. power supply.  Uses less than 20 watts of power.
  • certified filter tank
  • 1" NPT Pipe size: 1" in - out - drain fittings, easy to adapt to 3/4" pipe if needed.
  • Filter Media ( certified high grade activated carbon, filter gravel)
  • Bypass valve with 1" pipe connectors (can be adapted to 3/4" pipe size)
  • certified, one piece, seamless poly filter tank for long life
  • All the catalytic carbon and KDF filter media, filter gravel, tank, & backwash control valve
Advanced Features
  • Very long lasting. Ceramic disc valve lasts years longer than standard piston type control valves and backwash over 150,000 cycles.
  • KDF media in sponge form floats on top of the carbon bed killing bacteria and removing sulfur odors.
  • High activity granular activated carbon is manufactured by steam activation from select coconut shell charcoal and then specially treated for catalytic reactions
  • Carbon has maximum hardness and is well suited for backwash applications.
  • Built-in battery back-up: Holds time after being shut off for 3 days.  Holds program for 30 days or more.
  • Low maintenance, no routine maintenance required.
  • Chemical free. No chemicals required.

How does it work?
The system relies on the catalytic action of aeration and the catalytic carbon to instantly remove sulfur odors.  Unlike regular activated carbon, catalytic carbon is specially treated so a catalytic reaction takes place on the surface of the carbon.  This converts the odors into compounds that are adsorbed on to the carbon media.   It works best if oxygen is present so the combination of the aeration and the catalyltic carbon works great.

What do the KDF media cubes do?
When hydrogen sulfide contaminated water enters the KDF filter, the KDF media also converts odors into compounds that are filtered out by the carbon.  This type of KDF media is in sponge form, so it it light and sits on top of the carbon media.  Besides pre-filtering the water for sulfur odors it also kills bacteria and extends the life of the carbon media!

Why would I want or need the Ozone Option?
The Ozone Upgrade Option will automatically activate during the Air Draw cycle, drawing in ozone gas. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and sanitizer and will sanitize the catalytic carbon filter media, allowing it to remove higher levels of sulfur odors and kill any sulfur or iron bacteria in the carbon if present.

How does the backwash work?
Every few days the 7500-Rev4 Sulfur Air control valve turns on and backwashes and cleans the filter media automatically.  Each time it backwashes it draws it expells the old air and draws in a fresh head of air.  During regular use the water flows from the top down through the KDF and carbon and then up the distributor tube out to the home.  When it backwashes the flow is reversed and water flows down the distributor tube and lifts the media up as it washes all the accumulated sediment and sulfide compounds out to drain.

How often does it need to backwash?
Depending on your water quality and usage this can be set by you to backwash from once a night up to every 7 nights.  Most homes have it set for every 3 to 4 days. 

How much water does it use during backwash?
This depends on the size but each time it backwashes and sucks in a new fresh head of air it runs for around 30 minutes and uses between 70 and 100 gallons.

Does the backwash water have to go to drain and my septic tank?
No not necessarily.  The backwash can be discharged into a pit or used in some applications for irrigation as the water has no added chemicals or salts. 

How often do the KDF and catalytic carbon media need to changed?
This varies based on water usage and the amount of sulfur odor present in the well water but generally the carbon lasts for 4 to 5 years.  It can easily be dumped out, and new carbon and KDF poured in to the tank.  See more info and prices on the replacement carbon here.

  • 10 year Warranty on the filter tanks. All tanks are Certified & top quality.
  • 5 Year Warranty on the control valve. 
  • 90 Day money-back guarantee (some exclusions, see Return Policy)
  • See our Return Policy Here