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Soda Ash Systems

Very Low pH? Blue stains from acid water?

Are pinhole leaks threatening to destroy your house with expensive leaks?

Now you can eliminate corrosion of copper and galvanized pipes, fixtures & appliances without raising the hardness of water.

Stop pin hole leaks. Stop blue green stains on fixtures!

Works great for very low pH in the range of 4.5 to 6.0. Safely raises the pH to the 7.0 to 8.0 range. Soda ash (sodium carbonate) is a powder that is mixed with water and injected into the water pipe before the pressure tank to raise the pH of water. By dissolving 2 to 3 lbs of soda per gallon of water and injecting this solution at a rate of 100 ppm to 200 ppm, the pH will rise to the 7.0—8.0 range, assuming a typical well water flow rate of 5 to 30 gallons per minute.

Our standard soda ash pump is the 85MHP40 which can pump 40 gallons of solution in 24 hours of the well pump running. Typically the Stenner pump is set to 50%, and so will use 20 gallons of solution for every 24 hours the well pump has been running.

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corroded copper pipe
Examples of copper pipe from some of our customers who had very low pH (acidic) well water. You can see the green copper oxide inside the pipe. This indicates corrosion is occuring...
copper pipe corrosion
Why its best to buy it from us: we offer you free expert help in selecting and setting up your soda ash system. The result is you save time and money and end up with a reliable, easy-to-use system.

3 methods to install a soda ash pump for a home well system:
1. Wire it so the soda ash pump turns on when the well pump turns on. This is the lowest cost and most common method of installing a soda ash feeder.
soda ash for acid well water
2. Use a proportional water meter that allows the soda ash pump to pump more or less soda ash solution based on the flow rate or speed of the water.

soda ash proportional feed
3. Use a flow switch, so that when there is flow, the metering pump turns on.

soda ash flow switch

Please contact us for design help in selecting the best system for your needs or if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1-888-600-5426