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Clean Water Systems, Division of Clean Water Systems and Stores Inc. provides innovative, cost-effective solutions for water purification problems in residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and community systems applications. Thousands of our custom systems have been installed in over 30 countries worldwide for a wide range of industrial and residential applications.

We offer our clients the benefits of many years of research and experience in the field of water treatment.
Our experienced, trained professionals consult, design, and construct purification systems to meet the most demanding water quality requirements.

A Few of Our Valued Customers:

•      Chevron Pipeline Division Taft, California
      Chlorination Systems for Disinfection
•      U.S. Embassy Complex Beijing China
      Custom UV Sterilizer for Entire Complex
•      California Dept of Forestry (Multiple Sites)
      Iron Treatment Plants; Purification; Disinfection
•      U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Flagstaff, Arizona
      Chlorination Services and Systems
•      Cabrillo College Horticulture Dept Aptos Calif.
      Commercial Reverse Osmosis for Irrigation System
•      Shell Global Solutions
      Analysis and Instrumentation Equipment
•      Al Wadi Fish Processing Plant Yemen
      Chlorination • Filtration • Softening Systems
•      San Francisco French Bread Co. San Francisco
      Softening Systems for Commercial Ovens
•      Panshan Bottling Water Plant Panshan, China
      Oxygen and Ozone Generators for Disinfection
•      VT Halter Shipbuilding Pascagoula Mississippi
      Chlorine Filtration • Remineralizers for large ships
•      V-Ships London England
      Ultraviolet Sterilizers for On-Board Disinfection
•      U.S. Tobacco Plant Laboratory San Juan Calif.
      Reverse Osmosis • Ultraviolet Sterlizer for Lab
•      Medical Missionaries Cusuna Honduras
      Reverse Osmosis System • Disinfection
•      Las Cumbres Mutual Water Co. Los Gatos Calif.
      Oxygen/Ozone Generators • Iron Filter Plant
•      Whole Leaf Lettuce Producer Salinas California
      Chlorination • Filtration • Reverse Osmosis
•      TW Environmental Newry Northern Ireland
      Ozone Systems
•      Post Ranch Inn Resort Big Sur California
      Ozone • Iron Filtration • Chlorination
•      Econo-Lodge Summers Point New Jersey
      Acid Neutralizer System • Well Pump Controls
•      Host Engineering Jonesborough Tennessee
      Chlorination Systems
•      Iroquois Indian Museum Howes Cave New York
      Disinfection System

Bear Valley California Dept of Forestry Helitack Base

Four Seasons Hotel Santa Barbara California

VShips London United Kingdom

Medical Missionariies Cusuana Honduras

A Few of Our Valued Customers