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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the advantages of your test kit?
A. This lab test is a good way to find out the condition of your well water especially if you are experiencing or want to avoid staining, scaling, odor or corrosion problems. Each test is reviewed by one of our WQA Certified Water Specialists, who are experts in well water and will provide a detailed report on your well water, saving you time and money.
Q. Will this report tell me if my water is safe to drink?
A. No these tests are for general mineral aesthetic and corrosion issues, not health related water problems. If you want or need to test for the safety of your water, we recommend one of our certified lab tests done by EPA certified labs.
Q. Do you test for bacteria?
A. We do not test for bacteria in our lab, however, the $49.95 Well Water Test includes a coliform bacteria test you can do yourself in your home. We also have certified lab tests available that test for bacteria.
Q. How does the Free Test work, and what is included?
A. The Free Test includes testing in our lab for hardness, iron, manganese, pH, tannin and total dissolved solids. These are the most common parameters for understanding aesthetic well water problems. You fill your own bottle or bottles (a small bottled-water bottle works well) and mail it to us. We will test it promptly and email you the results.
Q. What is the difference between the Free Well Water Test and the $19.95 Lab Test?
A. The 19.95 Lab Test includes two sample bottles we mail to you, along with a postage paid mailer. Just fill the bottles and mail. Postage is pre-paid both ways. In addition to the sample bottles and prepaid postage, additional testing for alkalinity, sulfate and ORP are included.
Q. Why would I want the $39.95 Lab Test Pro & Kit?
A. The $39.95 includes a test kit so you can quickly do some tests at your home or business. The test kit includes tests for 2 each of the various parameters. This means you can test your water twice, or you can test before and after your existing water filter or softener. It is very convenient, easy to use, fast and accurate.
Q. If I get the $39.95 test kit, why would I also want to send the sample to your lab as well?
A. The $39.95 test includes a home test kit, plus postage paid sample bottles. There are some tests such as tannin that are difficult to test at home and so we recommend a lab test if possible. We find the combination of some testing on site and our lab test to work very well.
Q. What the $49.95 test kit include, that the $39.95 does not?
A. The $49.95 test includes a bacteria test and a hydrogen sulfide test you can do yourself at home. If you are experiencing odors or suspect bacteria we recommend this test.
Q. I want to test for pesticide and lead as well, do you offer these tests?
A. Yes, select the $49.95 and for an additional charge you can order lead, copper and pesticide test for your well water.
Q. Will this test kit give me a numerical result in parts per million? I want to test for hydrogen sulfide, but I need to how many parts per million I have in my well water.
A. Yes. The kits all give numerical results in parts per million. The hydrogen sulfide kit has a range of 0.0 to 2.0 parts per million.

Questions? Call us toll-free at 888-600-5426 or email us at We also offer free online support chat during our business hours.